The Anna Maria Island Sun Newspaper

Vol. 9 No. 24 - March 4, 2009


Grossman and Shank claim ’shoes victory

Wednesday, Feb.25, saw four horseshoe teams and the walker contend for the trophy. As usual,the walker, Sam Samuel, drew the bye. In the first round, Adin Shank and Dean Rowe defeated John Crawford and Bob Brown 21 to 16, and Art Kingstad and Bob Lee won over Jim Drurough and Bruce Munroe 21 to 10. In the second round, Shank and Rowe drew the bye and Sam Samuels defeated Kingstad Lee 21 to 17. In the final Six Pack, Sam started of with his usual Six Pack and finished with a Slippy, which flopped on for a ringer to easily defeat Shank and Rowe 21 to 8.

On Saturday, Feb. 28, five teams again were in the hunt. As usual Sam Samuels and Leo Hutton drew the bye. Adin Shank and Steve Grossman defeated John Johnson and Dean Rowe 22 to 17, and Jerry Disbrow and Jim Durrough easily won over Debbie Rhoads and Hank Huygne 21 to 12. The next round found Shank and Grossman winning the bye and Samuels and Hutton easily winning over Disbrow and Durrough 22 to 7. In the final, Shank came up with a winning strategy to hit Samuels in the head with his hook. This threw Samuels game off and Grossman and Shank were quick to claim victory over Samuels and Hutton 21 to 16

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