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Vol. 12 No. 28 - April 25, 2012


Center basketball action heats up

Adult Co-Ed Basketball Results:

Bowes Imaging Center 38
The Island Sun Newspaper  52
Matt Dwyer had a double-double with 19 points, 14 rebounds and 1 assist; Jonathan Schneider had 15 points, 8 rebounds and 1 assist; Matt Plummer had 8 points, 4 rebounds and 1 assist; Nate Coleman had 6 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assist; Scott Dell had 2 points, 7 rebounds and 1 assist; Lisa Worthy had 2 points and 3 rebounds; and Jason Sato had 9 rebounds in the win for the Island Sun. For Bowes Imaging Center, Jason Mickan had 20 points and 14 rebounds; Tyler Bekkerus had 12 points and 7 rebounds; Mike Hanes had 6 points and 15 rebounds.

The Feast Restaurant 52
Gator Man Pools 55
Sean Hubbard had a double-double with 20 points and 14 rebounds; Aaron Dedukes had 14 points, 7 rebounds and 1 assist; Larry Berkery had 10 points and 5 rebounds; Evan Wolfe had 9 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist; Sean Sanders had 2 points and 1 rebound for the Gator Man Pools win. For The Feast, Jonathan Moss scored 20 points and had 5 rebounds; Brent Moss had 13 points and 5 rebounds; Robert Serrano had 8 points and 3 rebounds; Chris Serrano had 6 points and 4 rebounds; and Terry McGriff had 5 points and 2 rebounds.

B.Y. Construction 33
Beach to Bay Construction  56
For Beach to Bay Construction, Richard Atkins had a double-double with 13 points and 13 rebounds; Frank Agnelli had 14 points 7 rebounds and 1 assist; Scott Eason had 12 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists; Matt Piermarini had 7 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist; Nick Diaz had 6 points and 7 rebounds; and Tyler Krauss had 4 points in the win. For B.Y. Construction, Matt Ray had a double-double with 16 points, 12 rebounds and 1 assist; Eric Gledhill had 12 points, 9 rebounds and 1 assist; Chuck McCracken had 3 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists; Brandon Gangler had 2 points and 6 rebounds; Troy Shonk had 4 rebounds and 3 assists; and Celia Ware had 2 rebounds and 1 assist.

Adult Basketball Schedule:

May 1, Tuesday, 7 p.m., The Feast vs. Bowes Imaging Center
May 1, Tuesday, 8 p.m., Gator Man Pools vs. Beach to Bay Construction
May 1, Tuesday, 9 p.m., Beach House Restaurant vs. B. Y. Construction

Youth Basketball Results:


Walter & Associates 6
Island Real Estate 7
Alex Rodriguez had 5 points and 1 rebound, Conal Cassidy had 2 points and 2 rebounds, Griffin Heckler had 7 rebounds, Daniel Sentman had 3 rebounds, Thomas Heckler had 1 rebound, Ronnie Moore had 1 rebound and Sean Rodriquez had 1 rebound for the Island Real Estate win. For Walter & Associates, Joey Thiel had 6 points and 10 rebounds, Katie Krokroskia had 9 rebounds, Tori Walter had 8 rebounds, Callen Achor had 2 rebounds and Javier Rivera had 1 rebound.

Gettel Toyota  14
Beach Bistro  15
Luke Marvin scored 5 points and had 2 rebounds, Franklin Valdez had 4 points and 6 rebounds, Ava Zink had 4 points and 6 rebounds, Jack Groves had 2 points and 4 rebounds, Antonio Bujarski had 1 rebound and Jaclyn Schlossberg had 1 rebound for the Beach Bistro win. For Gettel Toyota, Hannah McCracken had a double-double with 12 points and 11 rebounds, Andrew Austin had 2 points and 3 rebounds, Tuna McCracken had 4 rebounds, David Daigle had 3 rebounds and Anna Pears had 3 rebounds.

14-17 year old:

Integrity Sound – 32
Dips Ice Cream – 49
Jerry Mayer had 13 points and 6 rebounds; Tegan Purtill had 12 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists; Connor Field had 10 points, 6 rebounds and 1 assist; Justin Garget had 10 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assist; Brennan Gallagher had 2 points and 2 rebounds; Johnny Mattay had 2 points and 2 rebounds for Dips Ice Cream win. For Integrity Sound, Burke Hill had 19 points and 4 rebounds; Joey Carder had 9 points and 3 rebounds; Carolyn Cullinan had 2 points and 2 rebounds; Derek Polch had 2 points and 6 rebounds; Pierce Hogan had 6 rebounds; Thomas Pears had 9 rebounds; and Chelsea Burgess had 1 rebound.

Anna Maria Oyster Bar – 37
Dips Ice Cream – 47
Tegan Purtill had a double-double with 17 points, 12 rebounds and 2 assists; Justin Garget had a double-double with 14 points and 15 rebounds; Connor Field had 6 points and 15 rebounds; Jerry Mayer had 4 points and 9 rebounds; Katie Micharisen had 4 points and 5 rebounds; Brennan Gallagher had 2 points and 4 rebounds for the Dips Ice Cream win. For the Anna Maria Oyster Bar, Max Miller had a double-double with 14 points, 20 rebounds and 1 assist; Nehemiah Goode had 12 points, 8 rebounds and 1 assist; Ryan Gilman had 7 points and 6 rebounds; Kieran Grumley had 4 points and 4 rebounds; Madison Driscoll had 2 rebounds and 1 assist; and Alex Gilman had 3 rebounds.


Earth Day is every day

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Ellen Jaffe Jones | submitted
This hole could be a danger to sea turtles
and a sign asked beachgoers to help fill it in.

Eating healthfully doesn't have to break the bank. I've eaten this way pretty much I can't let another Earth Day go by living in one of the most pristine places in the US without another plea to remember what Earth Day is supposed to be about – taking care of the earth.

Pictures say a thousand words, so I hope the pictures I took this week will make it here.

I'm running along the beach, as I often do, and see ahead of me a ginormous, almost crater sized hole. It was easily the diameter of three adults lying down in a line. I'm used seeing all kinds of tunnels and holes dug by tourists while I run, but this one was definitely the largest one I've ever seen since we moved here in 2004.

As I got closer I saw a sign that had been attached to a small palm branch. It read, "It's sea turtle nesting season. Please fill in beach holes so we don't fall in." A picture of a sea turtle was the signature. I couldn't tell if it was an official sign made by the Anna Maria Turtle Watch organization, which counts eggs, nests and tries to make sure the endangered Island turtle hatchlings survive.

I interrupted my run, which I never do, to follow the sign instructions. It appeared others had as well. As I began trying to unsuccessfully kick the sand back into the hole, a woman in front of a home about half a football field away starts screaming, "My grandson built that! Leave it alone!"

I'm sure that if she had had a gun, she would have shot me. "I quipped, "Have you read the sign? This is dangerous for endangered turtles and people."

She started heading toward me. I decided my civic duty was done and thanked the Universe for fast-twitch running muscles.

On the same run, I came across eight garbage bags that could not fit into the overstuffed garbage can in front of a rental property. Inside the unclosed lid, I could see food packaging of all kinds, including a pizza box. Eating a plant-based diet does not generate this kind of garbage. I had a friend who owned a landfill in St. Louis who had to quit because she couldn't acquire more land when the existing landfill was filled.

Here's my Earth Day message. I don't jump on my soapbox too much, but at least on the Earth Day eve, I need to.

There are many organizations and studies now making the argument that it is much better for the planet to eat a plant-based diet.

Here are just a few stats that show up on many websites:

• Because it takes 10 to16 pounds of grain to produce one pound of beef, it takes many more resources to feed an omnivore compared to a vegan.

• About 2,500 gallons of water are required to produce a pound of steak. About eight times more fossil fuel energy is required to produce animal protein as compared to plant protein.

• Only one-sixth of an acre of land is required to feed a vegan for a year, while 3 1/4 acres of land, or about 20 times more, is required to feed a meat eater.

• The United Nations reports that "livestock now use 30 per cent of the earth's entire land surface, mostly permanent pasture, but also including 33 per cent of the global arable land used to producing feed for livestock."

• Approximately 72 percent of the cereal grains grown in the U.S. feed livestock, not people.

The studies I've seen say eating a plant-based diet does more to reduce carbon emissions than giving up driving altogether! Another study says simply that factory farming is not sustainable. As I fly all over the country on my book tour, I'm struck by how many farm fields are dried up supporting the frequent news stories I hear about how global warming is creating more fires and that farms in Texas just can't water and feed their cattle. I see more plumes of smoke than I ever used to. As I half jokingly say, we all may be eating vegan soon, whether we want to or not. Hope your Earth Day was memorable.

You can follow Island resident Ellen Jaffe Jones on her Facebook page and keep up with her just released book:,"Eat Vegan on $4 a Day," or her website: She is also a nationally certified personal trainer and running coach. For training in a gym or private hire, contact Ellen at or 941-704-1025.

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