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Vol. 12 No. 39 - July 11, 2012


Summer sports off to great start

Youth Indoor Soccer

(5-7 year-olds) Results:

Bowes Imaging Center  14
Southern Greens  5
Alessandro Rincon scored 12 goals and Aliva Enzo chipped in with two for the Bowes Imaging Center win. Travis Bates scored all five for the Southern Greens team.

(8-10 year-olds) Results:

Gettle Toyota  5
Beach Bums  2
Sam Bowers scored two goals and David Daigle and Lilah Bowers each scored one for the Gettle Toyota win. Luke Marvin scored two goals for the Bach Bums team.

LaPensee Plumbing  5
Beach Bistro  3
Tyler Brewer and Preston Plambeck each scored two goals and Sean O’Reiley added one for the LaPensee Plumbing win. Jayse Berzowski scored two and Andrew Burgess added one goal for the Beach Bistro team.

(11-13 year-olds) Results:

Eat Here  8
Air & Energy  1
Shelby Morrow scored three goals, Dylan Joseph and Nika Ukhurgunasvili each scored two and Brooke Capparelli scored one in the Eat Here victory. Stephen Whyte scored the only goal for Air & Energy.

Eat Here  3
Waterfront Restaurant  1
Dylan Joseph scored two goals and Shelby Morrow added one in the Eat Here victory. Ryan Fellows scored one goal for the Waterfront Restaurant team.

Youth Indoor Soccer Schedule:

July 9, Monday, 6 p.m.
Southern Greens VS. Bowes Imaging Center

July 9, Monday, 7 p.m.
Beach Bums VS. Beach Bistro

July 9, Monday, 8 p.m.
Waterfront Restaurant VS. Air & Energy

Adult Co-Ed Flag Football League Results:

Miller Electric Chargers  39
Beach to Bay Construction Saints  27

Tyler’s Ice Cream Vikings  27
Sato Real Estate Browns  20

Agnelli Pools & Spa Dolphins  40
Jessie’s Island Store Jets  25

Duffy’s Tavern Raiders  47
Slim’s Place Titans  13

Adult Co-Ed Volleyball League Schedule:

July 10, Tuesday, 6 p.m.
Best Buy VS. The Feast Restaurant

July 10, Tuesday, 7 p.m.
Lobstahs VS. Florida Discount Signs

July 10, Tuesday, 8 p.m.
Lobstahs VS. Florida Discount Signs


Traveling sisterhood towels

My kids loved the movie, “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.” I don’t remember the plot except for a pair of pants with sentimental value traveling the globe. The movie script popped up after my morning at Manatee Beach.

It was beautiful as it almost always is. Building clouds in the Gulf, 10 or 20 degrees cooler than most other places in the U.S. My hometown of St. Louis breached a record-breaking 104 degrees yesterday. A nice breeze cooled my personal training client and me as we came back from a two-mile run/walk session that started and ended at Manatee Beach.

We walked by huge piles of abandoned garbage left from the 4th of July beach celebrations the night before. We shook our heads.

We started early, but several clusters of early beach-goers were sunbathing. As we always do, my client and I spread our two towels out, with nothing on them, ready for us to do our recovery stretching when we returned. My client wants to try a 5K by this fall. We determined after discussing her history and goals, that a run/walk method would be best.

When we returned, we couldn’t find our towels. I’ve lived here since 2004. No one has ever stolen my towel. I began having regrets about the towel I chose to bring. It was beat-up and beginning to wear thin. But in large bold type it said, “NBC 1980 Olympics, WCKT TV.” The Olympics logo was on it. I’ve brought it to Manatee Beach often, especially when my kids have come to visit. I’d held onto the towel from when I worked at the NBC-TV affiliate in Miami. I was a reporter during the year that NBC was to broadcast the Olympics. NBC gave trinkets to affiliates including towels and jackets. Only one problem. Because of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, the U.S. joined other countries boycotting the Olympics that year. As a result, the much-promoted NBC sponsorship of the Olympics didn’t happen. We had collector’s items on our hands. Last year, I gave the jacket to my daughter who was competing in college track hoping she understood the value of the jacket. When my kids came to visit, I would use the towel as a teaching moment about politics, sports and anything else.

My client and I asked everyone on the beach if they’d seen the towels. I climbed the lifeguard station to check their lost and found. Nada. We asked the umbrella concession man if he’d seen the towels. Nope.

Next to the drink concession stand man. He goes, “What’d they look like.” I said, “Mine had the words NBC 1980 Olympics.” “Did it say WCKT-TV?” he asked. Bingo. “I know who has it. I’ll call him.” He calls the would-be towel thief and says, “Bring the towel back. It has sentimental value.” Then he says to me, “He needs gas money.”

“I’ll give him four towels,” I plead.

We scraped $7 together. Ten minutes later, the umbrella concession man asks, “Did you find your towels?”

“No,” I crabbed, “the towel thief is supposedly on his way back.”

“Oh…that guy. I saw him take the towels. There he is now.” He points to a guy with a towel on his shoulder. My client and I chase him as he makes his way to the drink concession.

Sure enough, the towel remover brings our towels out of the bag. I give him the $7 and apologize for not getting the promised four more towels. He says, “Don’t give me the towels. Give them to the homeless. That’s what I was going to do.” I began wondering how much my towel might get on e-Bay.

The towel remover then says, “This guy (the drink concession man) is a good guy. He doesn’t do drugs. I’m trying to be clean.” He shows us his scarred arms. My eyes welled up as I thanked him for bringing the towel back.

“I’ve always used this towel to model to my kids healthy athletics and my work as a reporter looking for truth.” He hugged me and handed me a flyer called, “The Christian’s Manner of Dress.” I began calculating how many towels I could give away when I got home. My client and I were grateful for the extra mile we effortlessly got in running around looking for our towels.

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