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Vol. 14 No. 34 - June 18, 2014


Two unbeatens fall

The adult co-ed spring league seasons are winding down in the Anna Maria Island Community Center leagues. All of the youth division leagues are now concluded and leave just the adult co-ed basketball, kickball and soccer leagues to finish up with tournament play beginning this week.

As the league’s wrap up, it is time for the end of the season tournaments in each sport. These tournaments are very important and will determine who will be crowned champions in their respective sports.

The parity of teams is very high this year and the major determining factors in bidding for their sports title championship will be key individual player’s injuries, players' summer vacation schedules and which teams are jelling together at the right time.

Two out of the three league undefeated teams went down with a loss this past week. This leaves the Jessie’s Island Store adult co-ed soccer team as the only undefeated team left in any league.

In the adult co-ed basketball division, the Bug Guys team defeated the unbeaten Duncan Real Estate team by a score of 60 to 55. Matt Dwyer led the way for the Bug Guys and had a double-double scoring 22 points and had 12 rebounds. Brandon Kern added 15 points and Kyle Lautz scored 11 points in the Bug Guys big upset victory.

In the adult co-ed kickball division, the Tyler’s Ice Cream team moved up the leadership board when the undefeated Beach to Bay Construction team fell for the first time all season.

The end of every sports season tournament offers plenty of thrills, close games, upsets and excitement. Check back weekly to find out how the spring sports seasons conclude.

Adult Co-Ed Soccer Results

Ross Built Construction  4
Island Pest Control  3
Adam Bujarski scored two goals and had an assist. Steve Oelfke and Tim Tedesco added one goal apiece, and Scott Rudacille had 15 saves in goal for the Ross Built Construction team win. Eric Pullen scored all three goals, and Ray Gardner had six saves for the Island Pest Control team.

LaPensee Plumbing & Pools  5
Agnelli Pool & Spas  2
Joe Ciasullo scored two goals. Jeff Christenson, Aaron Dudukes and Sean Sanders each chipped in with one goal each, and Adam Mott had 17 saves in goal for the LaPensee Plumbing team win. Ryan Hogan and Alisha Keene each scored one goal apiece, and Dave Greene had 10 saves in goal for the Agnelli Pool team.

Jessie’s Island Store  8
Sato Real Estate  6
Danny Burton led the way and scored five goals. Aaron Parkin scored two goals. Lyn Clarke scored one goal and Pedro Gonzalez had 12 saves in goal for the Jessie’s Island Store team win. Jim Lynch scored three goals. Chrissy Rice, Ally Titsworth and Josh Sato each scored one goal apiece, and Jason Sato had 15 saves in goal for the Sato Real Estate team.

Beach to Bay Construction 4
Slim’s Place 0
Damir Glavan scored two goals. Omar Polar and Leslie Rio each scored one goal apiece, and Rico Beisert had 12 saves in goal for the Beach to Bay Construction team win. Will Case had nine saves in goal for the Slim’s Place team.

Adult Co-Ed Soccer Schedule

June 19, Thursday, 6 p.m. – eighth seeded team vs. first seeded team – Island Cup Playoffs

June 19, Thursday, 7 p.m. – seventh seeded team vs. second seeded team - Island Cup Playoffs

June 19, Thursday, 8 p.m. – sixth seeded team vs. third seeded team - Island Cup Playoffs

June 19, Thursday, 9 p.m. – fifth seeded team vs. fourth seeded team - Island Cup Playoffs

Adult Basketball Results

Bug Guys  60
Duncan Real Estate  55

Gator Man Pools  57
Island Gourmet  51

The Island Sun  81
The Feast restaurant  66

Adult Basketball Schedule

June 24, Tuesday, 7 p.m. – Duncan Real Estate vs. Island Gourmet

June 24, Tuesday, 8 p.m. – The Feast restaurant vs. Gator Man Pools

June 24, Tuesday, 9 p.m. – The Island Sun vs. Bug Guys

Adult Co-Ed Kickball Schedule

June 18, Wednesday, 7 p.m. – Tyler’s Ice Cream vs. Southern Greens

June 18, Wednesday, 8 p.m. – Beach To Bay Construction vs. Tyler’s Ice Cream

June 18, Wednesday, 9 p.m. – Florida Discount Signs & Wraps vs. Beach To Bay Construction

June 23, Monday, 7 p.m. – fourth seeded team vs. first seeded team - Playoffs

June 23, Monday, 8 p.m. – third seeded team vs. second seeded team - Playoffs

June 23, Monday, 9 p.m. – Winner 7 p.m. game vs. Winner 8 p.m. game – Championship Game

Healthy food can taste great

As a TV reporter ages ago, I used to get paid the big bucks (ha) getting all sides to a story and doing the research it takes. So this volunteer column is the result of my week’s experiences and what I can write in two to three hours time. I always hope to inspire and prevent needless suffering of humans and animals that occurs way too often.

It is my belief that in our area, it would be a huge financial benefit if we had more vegan restaurants. Really vegan restaurants.

Like the exclusively vegan restaurant Ionie’s in Sarasota. My friend, Carl Lovejoy, is the amazing chef there. Check out restaurants’ Facebook pages or websites to see what they’re serving.

What I love are restaurants that aren’t afraid to say they are vegan in their name. Leafy Greens in St. Petersburg is an example. The first yelp review says, “Very fresh ingredients and the largest dehydrator I've ever seen combine for a menu that is very palatable even to non-vegans. 

Highly recommend the chilled curry soup, spinach salad with berry dressing, Mediterranean pizza and The Real Deal.

Also, the vegan chocolate lava cake is the perfect balance of dates and cacao. This is the way things should be. Healthy food can taste great!”

My problem is that I’ve traveled the country on book tour, and my publisher and others have taken me to the best and outrageously, financially successful vegan restaurants. Karyn’s on Greens in Chicago, The Chicago Diner, Café Gratitude all over California, New York’s Candle 79, San Francisco’s Millenium, Philly’s Vedge are just a sampling of restaurants that are exclusively vegan and even boast it in their titles.

Guess what? All those cities have lots of people, I bet, who travel here and would love an exclusively vegan restaurant option. I for one, would be a regular. Even an exclusively vegetarian restaurant on the Island would be awesome.

Speaking of food, the deadline is approaching to register for my noon Taste of Vegan cooking classes at the Anna Maria Island Community Center on all Thursdays in February. Fresh Market has donated the food. To whet your appetite, here’s what I’ll be demonstrating, and what you get to eat:

Feb. 6: Eating/Staying Fit on $4/Day – Thai no-fry spring rolls, braised collards, stone-broke soup;

Feb. 13: Getting Enough Protein on Just Plants – garbanzo bean salad, tempeh broccoli saute, breakfast scramble;

Feb. 20: Sumptious Salads – easy bean salad, community garden salad, tropical salad;

Feb. 27: Delectable Desserts – chocolate mousse, coconut ice cream, heavenly Island smoothies.

We had a small, but mighty, turnout to brave the cool temps at my free Manatee Public Beach hour-long, mini-workout last week. I start with warm-ups that have kept me injury free, then a walk and or run, depending on group interests, and cool down stretches. Feel free to join us every Monday at 9 a.m. at the Manatee Public Beach playground.

All abilities are welcome. I separate the group if needed. We’re always there as long as the temperature is 50 degrees or warmer. If it’s windy, bring a windbreaker and a towel and water. And I promise never to mention the “v” (vegan) word unless you ask.

I placed first in my age group at the Bradenton YMCA 5K this weekend – the 63rd time placing in a race since 2006. I thought it would be a gentle cross-country course on the county fairgrounds. Instead, it wound through the actual fair itself – heavy lighter fluid, BBQ smoke, people smoking and a fuel truck that blocked the narrow path at one point. But I got to hold my trophy by the Beef-It’s What’s For Dinner sign.

I’ll be attempting the marathon in Celebration next weekend. I’ve been spending way too much time in the chair writing. Sitting is the new smoking you know.

You can follow Island resident Ellen Jaffe Jones on her Facebook page and keep up with her just released book:,"Eat Vegan on $4 a Day," or her website: She is also a nationally certified personal trainer and running coach. For training in a gym or private hire, contact Ellen at or 941-704-1025.

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