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Vol. 15 No. 16 - February 11, 2015


Instructional league flag football: The youngest ballers take the field

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Kyle Samuals scampers for a touchdown while being pursued
by Julian Lazzara and Aidan Cody.

The small field of the Anna Maria Island Community Center is where most Island area kids get their start on the gridiron. The instructional league of the Center’s youth flag football league is the organization that each year teaches so many little players the basic rules and skills of the game. Monday and Friday nights at 6:00 p.m. are the setting for friendly competition among the four-to seven-year old players.

As an instructional league, the emphasis is on fun and fundamentals. The volunteer coaches work with the kids on skills such as flag pulling, running with the ball toward the correct end zone, throwing the football and catching. Even though players score touchdowns, scores are not kept in the instructional league and there are no losers, only winners. The young players are able to meet new friends and learn more about the sport.

Friday night, the Packers, coached by Will Schenerlein, took the field against the Perfect Energy Sports Titans, coached by Brad Hoover. As the sun faded into the night sky, 12 enthusiastic players played like seasoned veterans. Addison Cornett led the Packers down the field as the quarterback, while Nathaniel Smith and Kyle Samuals took the quarterback helm for the Titans.

The Titans marched the football down the field with strong rushing yardage by Gabriel Hoover, Gregory Jordan, Charlie Rogers, Samuals and Smith. Eloise Meddick came close to making two receptions and one interception. Jordan and Chase Leestma scored two touchdowns for the Titans.

Aidan Cody and Harrison Schenerlein were effective running backs and helped move the Packers toward the end zone. Cale Rudacille scored the first touchdown of the game. Julian Lazzara scored the second touchdown of the night for the Packers.

The players for each team walked off the field to line up on the sideline, meeting the other team for an end of the game high five in the spirit of sportsmanship. At the end of each game, the youngsters look forward a team snack and positive words from their coach.

The Center’s instructional leagues in each of the sports programs provide a wonderful opportunity for young kids to learn sports and the importance of healthy competition and sportsmanship and to gain self-confidence. The soccer season, which just ended this past fall, has instructional play by children three to five years old and six to seven years old. The basketball season, which will start in the spring, allows players five to seven years old to shoot hoops. The Center also offers T-ball for kids four-to seven-years old. The T-ball season is also held in the spring. For more information about youth sports at the Anna Maria Island Community Center, contact Athletic Director Matt Ray at 941/778-1586 or

The Sun Scoreboard
February 2: 8- to 10-year-old flag football

Future Guardian
Insurance Chiefs (4-1) 13
Bucs (5-0) 23

February 2: 11- to 13-year-old flag football

Dolphins (4-1) 30
Colts (1-3) 0

Cowboys (1-4) 0
Saints (4-0) 40

February 3: 14- to 17-year-old flag football

Eagles (3-2) 19
Redskins (4-1) 24

Jen & Mark Bowman
Keller Williams Realty Bucs (0-5) 12
Limousine Falcons (4-1) 34

LPAC Cardinals (2-3) 25
Ravens (2-3) 26

February 5 and 6: 8 to 10-year-old flag football

Bucs (5-0) 24
Tyler’s Ice Cream Vikings (0-5) 12

Bowes Imaging Lions (3-2) 20
Anna Maria Island Realty Dolphins (0-4) 7

Bears (4-1) 18
Seahawks (1-4) 13

18 and over adult co-ed flag football

Salty Prints Bengals (2-3) 20
Dolphins (3-2) 27

Giants (2-3) 14
Slims Place Falcons (5-0) 40

Colts (0-5) 26
Sato Real Estate Rams (3-2) 48

Sugar Beach Digital Patriots (1-4)  0
Saints (4-1) 41

30 and over adult co-ed flag football

Agnelli Pools and Spas Giants (1-4)41
Tyler’s Ice Cream Vikings (1-4) 7

Packers (2-3) 40
Raiders (4-1) 43

Chiefs (2-3) 25
Chargers (5-0) 31

Adult co-ed volleyball

Southern Greens vs Duncan Real Estate

Game 1:

Southern Greens 25
Duncan Real Estate 23

Game 2:

Southern Greens 25
Duncan Real Estate 15

Sugar Beach Digital vs Duncan Real Estate

Game 1:

Duncan Real Estate 25
Sugar Beach Digital 19

Game 2:

Duncan Real Estate 20
Sugar Beach Digital 25

Game 3:

Duncan Real Estate 13
Sugar Beach Digital 25

Signarman vs Southern Greens

Game 1:

Signarman 25
Southern Greens 19

Game 2:

Signarman 12
Southern Greens 25

Game 3:

Signarman 19
Duncan Real Estate 25


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