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Vol. 16 No. 36 - July 6, 2016


Hot time on the Island

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story


The Anna Maria Oyster Bar and Duncan Real Estate pooled their
resources for a great float.

The festivities began with the Anna Maria Island Privateers Fourth of July Parade that started at Coquina Beach and ended at the Anna Maria City Pier.

The Privateers estimated about 130 vehicles in the parade, counting bikes and other modes of transportation. It was smaller than last year's 150 vehicles.

One Privateer said there seemed to be more people lining the streets and more people using squirt guns in the parade, to the dismay of those trying to shoot pictures of them.

Golf carts were popular because they were easy to adorn with red, white and blue decorations.

After the parade, the Privateers reassembled at the Ugly Grouper in Holmes Beach for lunch and liquid refreshments. They brought up winners of their annual scholarships.

It was busy on the beaches Monday and according to lifeguard Colin Schmidt, the parking lot at Coquina was full and beachgoers were parking on both sides of Gulf Drive.

On Saturday, lifeguard Chelsea K. Hart pulled in a swimmer who got caught in a rip current.

"He was fighting it and trying to grab hold of the jetty, but it had barnacles," she said. "I got him out of the current, and he was OK."

Hart became a Manatee County lifeguard two years ago. Born in Virginia City, Va., she served as a pool lifeguard and worked in Volusia County. She's an Army veteran, and she likes where she's at because her family lives here.

Tom Vaught

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