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Vol. 16 No. 48 - September 28, 2016


Youth basketball champs: Team Waterfront

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The Center youth basketball champions, Team Waterfront
Restaurant. Picture left to right: Coach Nate Talucci, Natalie Talucci,
Jayden Sparks, Evan Talucci, Nick Yatros, Dalton Fox, and
Assistant Coach Gy Yatros.

Recreational sports at the Island's community center brought about unexpected wins and reminded everyone that anything is possible on any given night.

The youth basketball league focused on the four teams that played this season at The Center. Despite having less than 25 kids hitting the hard court and the need to combine two age groups creating a single five-to nine-year old age group, friendly competition and exciting games were watched by friends and family each week leading up to the playoffs last week.

In the championship game played on Sept. 21, undefeated Sugar Beach Digital faced off against the #3 ranked Waterfront Restaurant team. With the support of their teammates, the towers of the teams, Jack Proctor and Nick Yatros, went head-to-head throughout the 24 minutes of action.

Yatros, playing for Team Waterfront, was strong defensively, as was Sugar Beach's Evie Baugher.

On offensive, Evan Talucci and Dalton Fox made a difference for Waterfront playing hard and with heart.

Lead by Proctor, scoring all seven team points in the game, the Sugar Beach team spirit was strong with each player making a difference, showing why they won all of their games in the regular season. Proctor's first free throw shot in the game put the first points up on the scoreboard.

With a wishful buzzer beater by Proctor to end the first period, Sugar Beach was three periods away from the championship.

To start the second period of play, Lily Kawahata provided Team Sugar Beach Digital with offensive dribbling skills and defensive pressure on the court. Tommy Baugher, shared the court with his sister, creating a presence against the spirited Waterfront Restaurant team.

Spunky Jayden Sparks picked up the pace of the game down court for Waterfront Restaurant moving the ball between defenders pressing to the net.

Proctor took the basketball down the court with Yatros hot on his heels. Proctor's layup was good for two points, advancing the score to 3-0. After strong offensive play by Waterfront Restaurant striving to put points on the board, Sparks playing point guard took the ball to the basket.

Fouled on the way up to make the shot, Sparks found herself on the free throw line to take two shots. With 50 seconds left in the first half of the championship game, Sparks easily made the first shot, making it a two-point ballgame at 3-1.

Proctor closed out the first half with a layup, making it 5-1 at the break.

The defensive contest continued in the second half, with Yatros sinking a jumper in the third quarter for Waterfront, cutting the lead to 5-3.

With time running out, Yatros hit one of two free throws making it 5-4. Proctor came right back, sprinting the ball back all the way down the court for a smooth layup making it 7-4.

The extra physical effort proved to be too much for Proctor, who had to come out of the game. With less than two minutes on the clock, Proctor was desperate to get back into action knowing that Waterfront Restaurant, lead by Yatros, could make the comeback of the season.

Yatros then hit two baskets in a row, giving Waterfront an 8-7 lead, one they would hold onto, although Proctor did return to the game and had a chance to win it at the buzzer, but couldn't quite connect on a last second shot.

Progressive Cabinetry 20
Mason Martin 12

On Thursday night, the only undefeated team in the adult flag football league was handed its first loss of the season. Progressive Cabinetry, captained by Tim Shaughnessy, eked out the win against Frank Agnelli's Team Mason Martin. The game result places three teams at the top of the league rankings with single losses by Progressive Cabinetry, Mason Martin and Moss Builders.

Sun Scoreboard
Tuesday, Sept. 20

Youth Basketball – Five-to Nine-Year-Old League: Semi-Finals

#2 Harry's Grill 8
#3 The Waterfront 13

#4 Salty Printing 7
#1 Sugar Beach Digital 16

Wednesday, Sept. 21 21

Youth Basketball – Five-to Nine-Year-Old League: Championship Game

#3 The Waterfront 8
#1 Sugar Beach Digital 7

Thursday, Sept. 22

Adult Co-Ed Flag Football

Coldwell Banker 19 (2-2)
Tyler's Ice Cream 7 (1-3)

Mason Martin 12 (3-1)
Progressive Cabinetry 20 (3-1)

Moss Builders 41 (3-1)
Anna Maria CrossFit 22 (1-3)

Blake Medical Center 19 (1-3)
Beach House Real Estate 13 (2-2)

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