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Vol. 17 No. 22 - March 15, 2017


Miller Electric shuts the door on Progressive Cabinetry

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Team Progressive Cabinetry's Eli Newman speeds past
Miller Electric defender and quarterback Gavin Johnston for a
touchdown in Saturday's game.


In the final weekend of the regular season for the 11- to 13-year-old flag football age group, Miller Electric faced off against Progressive Cabinetry in the chilled morning air at The Center on Saturday. The games started with sparks flying off the heels of the game's MVP Shawn Balvin, of Team Miller Electric.

On the first snap of the ball Balvin took the football for 50 yards before the flag pull by Eli Newman for Team Progressive Cabinetry. After the snap team quarterback Gavin Johnston got the football back in his hands, taking the football into the end zone and maneuvering past defenders for the first touchdown of the day.

Charlie Halfacre gained seven yards on second down for Progressive Cabinetry. The third down pass was caught by Ginger Maro short of the first down, giving the ball back to Coach David Johnston's team.

On the first snap of the second possession, Balvin took the ball down the length of the field for a touchdown. Going for two points Johnston took the ball in, advancing the score to 12-0.

Coach Larry Pearson's team struggled to make a first down early in the game. Uncharacteristic dropped passes and strong defense by Team Miller Electric including a flag pull by Balvin, led to a quick possession change.

Balvin took the football 20 yards before the Maro flag pull. Right at the midfield cone, Johnston threw the first down pass to Balvin. On first down, Kai Michaelson made the reception with the flag pull by Newman.

Second down took the ball to the five-yard line. The catch in the end zone by Balvin was negated due to an offsides call on the offense.

Under pressure by the double rush of Dylan McKee and Maggie Walejko, G. Johnston threw an incomplete pass to his sister, Kiera Johnston, in the end zone, giving the ball back to Progressive Cabinetry.

With momentum on their side after gaining the first down on a run by Maro, Newman, who had a total of 80 passing yards and 175 receiving yards in the game, took the ball another 10 yards for Team Progressive Cabinetry. On third down, Newman tried to get into the end zone, but was stopped without a score.

G. Johnston's first two throws of the series were just off the fingertips of Michaelson and out of reach of Cole Murphy. Miller Electric's third down toss was off the hands of a defender with a near interception, ending the team's offensive run.

Grant Shackelford gained short yardage after a double reverse play behind the line of scrimmage. Ready to make something happen, Progressive Cabinetry lost the ball with a Balvin interception after bouncing off the fingers of Maro. Miller Electric started on offense at its opponent's 20-yard line.

Again with double pressure by McKee and Walejko, G. Johnston was forced out of the pocket and stopped with a flag pull by Halfacre. Coach Johnston let the game clock roll to three seconds in the half before calling a timeout, leaving Progressive Cabinetry with no time to score.

With the hot pursuit of Walejko, Maro had time to get in front of the Miller Electric receiver to knock down the ball in the end zone denying the score to end the half.

Starting on offense with 20 minutes left to play in the game, Coach Pearson's team worked hard toward a comeback. Halfacre, with 175 passing yards in the game, hit Newman for a 10-yard advance down the field. On second down, Halfacre caught the ball wide open at midfield. G. Johnston missed the flag pull, giving Halfacre the open field to score. McKee with the point after closed the scoring gap to 14-7.

After a one-yard gain, Miller Electric pulled out their speed with a touchdown run by Balvin. Under pressure, G. Johnston found a man in the end zone for the extra point, again making it a 14-point ball game.

Team Progressive Cabinetry felt the pressure of time running out in the game and pushed for a first down only to be met with another interception by Balvin for a touchdown run. G. Johnston took the ball in for the extra point, moving the score to 28-7.

With the no rush mercy rule in place, Newman answered back with a touchdown run of his own. Maro caught the one-point conversion pass in the front corner of the end zone to bring the score to 28-14.

Miller Electric's Caleb O'Connor had a seven-yard gain before the Maro flag pull.

Following the sack on Balvin by Walejko, she put the pressure on G. Johnston on the next play, forcing the long throw to Balvin that was out of his reach, forcing the change of possession.

Back on offense, Newman had another 10-yard gain and first down run, keeping the hopes of his team alive. The wobbly throw of Halfacre ended up in the hands of G. Johnston, who ran it in for another touchdown, spreading Miller Electric's lead to 20 points.

On the heels of a short run by Maro, Newman was stopped by K. Johnston with a score saving flag pull. Another touchdown was saved by the flag pull by Murphy on Newman, bringing the play to third down.

Progressive Cabinetry just could not get into the end zone. G. Johnston, who ended the regular season game with 220 passing yards, intercepted the Halfacre pass with a minute left in the game.

Team Miller Electric utilized the understated talents of Murphy on the last offensive series of the game. Murphy ended the game with a touchdown run taking the final score to 40-14.

Sun Scoreboard

Tuesday, March 7

Adult Co-Ed Volleyball

#3 Intechgrate Systems 2
#2 Anna Maria CrossFit 1
(Game 1: 14-25, Game 2: 25-10, Game 3: 17-15)

#1 Air & Energy 2
#4 Beach to Bay 0
(Game 1: 25-18, Game 2: 26-24)

Thursday, March 9

Adult Co-Ed Flag Football

Mason Martin 19
Moss Builders 12

Smoothie King 34
Progressive Cabinetry 13

Beach House Real Estate 13
Tyler's Ice Cream 12

Saturday, March 4

Youth Flag Football: 8- 10-Year-Old League – Quarter Final Games

Beach to Bay 14
Slim's Place 7

Lancaster Designs 12
Bark & Co. 8

Salty Printing W (forfeit)
Cloud Pest Control

Youth Flag Football: 11- 13-Year-Old League – Regular Season Games

Miller Electric 40
Progressive Cabinetry 14

Planet Stone 26
Tyler's Ice Cream 12

Youth Flag Football: 14- to 17-Year-Old League – Semi-Final Games

Signarama 2
Air & Energy 20

Duncan Real Estate 13
Intechgrate Systems 28

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